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Beagle Puppy

Be a Hero. 
Save an Animal.

Our mission is to protect animals and inspire compassion through film, education, and programs.

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Rescue & Advocacy

We assist in animal rescues as well as advocating for the humane treatment of animals.

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Filmmaking Projects

We produce and share compelling stories of rescued animals as well as educational content about issues affecting animals.

NOTE: We are currently campaigning for our #BringThemHome2024 video campaign. America's rescues and shelters are overwhelmed with pets. We'll be interviewing a different animal-focused (specifically an animal rescue or shelter) non-profit every month or so and create a video for that organization with the goal being:

  1. To increase awareness and support for small animal welfare organizations.

  2. Encourage donations and volunteer engagement for the featured organization

  3. Encourage adoptions from shelters and rescue organizations.

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Education & Resources

Learn how you can get involved and help animals.


HAPI Animal Care Fund

Our "HAPI Animal Care fund" helps fund food, supplies, shelter, and medical care for rescues and animals in need, as well as medical procedures including spay/neuters for limited income pet parents.

Programs & Projects

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